Intel delivers SuperSpeed USB, Intel USB 3.0

Intel has delivered preliminary technical specifications for USB 3.0 or USB SuperSpeed. While the specifications of FireWire to 3200 Mbps have been approved by the IEEE in early August, Intel sells under pressure from AMD and NVIDIA calling for a moment the publication of these valuable information. They were afraid to lag behind their competitors in developing their next generation of controllers and threatened to develop their part their own version. Thus integrators can now claim the documents concerning the Extensible Host Controller Interface.

The maximum speed of this new standard is increased tenfold, from the 480 Mbps of USB 2.0 (60 Mbps) to 5 Gbps (625 MB / s), in response to the demands of high definition and all the progress that saw computers since the arrival of the second version of the Universal Serial Bus, there are almost ten years. The SuperSpeed USB is theoretically faster than FireWire 3200 but remember that in practice, FireWire 400 is better than USB 2.0, for lack of better resource management processor for the latter. Finally, unlike FireWire connector which changes shape with each new version, USB 3 retains one he has always been providing the retro-compatibility.

Access to preliminary technical specifications of the Extensible Host Controller Interface for USB 3 is subject to obtaining a licence, which does, however, for the moment not the payment of royalties. Future preliminary specifications should see the day at the end of the year and large-scale deployment of the standard finalised is expected for 2010.


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