OpenOffice 3.0 is coming very soon

OpenOffice 3.0, the famous office suite free, should no longer delay to point the tip of his nose in a short time. Thus, OpenOffice 3.0 RC1 has emerged a few hours ago. If everything goes well and if this RC1 is deemed sufficiently stable, OpenOffice 3.0 should upgrade to version finalised at the end of the month.

OpenOffice 3.0 offers the opportunity to be installed on Mac OS X without using X11. OpenOffice 3.0 also supports the document format OpenDocument Format associated with the 1.2 version of the ISO standards. They also highlight the possibility of opening files created from Office 2007 or Office 2008 (for Mac OS X) formats. Docx,. Xlsx,. Pptx … And, in addition to classics like Microsoft formats. Doc,. Xls,. Ppt.

Thanks to OpenOffice 3.0 can be working on several collaborative manner and on documents spreadsheets. In this regard, the spreadsheet subsequently appointed Calc, should now take charge of a maximum of 1024 against 256 columns currently in OpenOffice 2.

OpenOffice 3.0 RC1 can be downloaded for different platforms and in different languages from this link.


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