Firefox 3.1 will embark a new navigation system

In addition to a JavaScript engine fast, Firefox 3.1 will embark a new navigation system secure. For several years, Apple’s browser, Safari has the mode Private Browsing. More recently, Google Chrome entered the dance with Incognito. Finally, for Internet Explorer 8, Microsoft is already working on InPrivate.

Initially planned for Firefox 3.0, this mode of navigation private was postponed due to time constraints. However, for the next couple of software, due at the end of the year, developers have now outlined to follow. Thus, during this session of surfing, all cookies will be stored and then deleted at the close of the application. In addition, the sites visited will not be recorded in the history of the browser. Accordingly, links clicked will not be marked with a color purple. When the user starts a closed session, tools backup passwords or automatic filling of forms will be disabled. Also note that the browser is closed, all downloads during this session will be emptied of the manager and all connections will be closed off.

According to the teams Mozilla, Apple, Google or Microsoft browsers tomorrow will be extremely fast and everyone focuses on the qualities of its engine JavaScript. Also, for us users, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine which of these programs is most efficient. Finally, the choice could focus on the actual functionality of the browser and in particular the management of our privacy. In this regard, Firefox 3.1 promises the same level of its competitors.

You can find more details on the wiki developers.


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