Transcend receives 2007 International Trade Award with second highest export growth rate in Russia

Since 1969, the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs has been recognizing local companies for their contributions toward Taiwan’s international trade performance with its annual International Trade Award ceremony. This year’s award ceremony took place at the Taipei International Conference Center on September 3rd, where Transcend had the honor of receiving tnnhe 2007 International Trade Award for achieving the second highest export growth in Russia. Russia has been one of Transcend’s key strategic markets for over a decade, and Transcend has remained its leading Flash products brand since 2003. The company’s success in the region can be attributed to its close relationships with partners in a variety of market segments.

Competition for Taiwan’s International Trade Award is fierce. In 2007, only companies with import/export totals over US$18 million were considered for the Award, a criteria which a total of 2,147 privately-owned Taiwanese companies met. In previous years, the International Trade Award only went to the top ten import/exporters, as well as the top ten in terms of overall export growth. This marks the first year that import/exporters were separately recognized for achieving the highest growth rate in one of six key export markets, including Japan, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, India and Vietnam.

News source: Trancend


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