Yahoo! Search offers free full length music tracks

Recently, the search engine Yahoo! offers a new feature allowing users to listen to the music of their choice in their entirety simply through a query. Thus, simply type the name of the artist, for example REM , to find some songs developed by Yahoo!. When the title is selected, a small player, the Yahoo! Media Player opens at the bottom of the page features some basic reading. It is also possible to carry out several search and select different pieces to form a playlist on the fly.

The catalog of music is provided by the library of Rhapsody, a subsidiary of Real Networks Music Yahoo acquired last February. In proposing this listening Streaming, Yahoo turns its search engine into a true multimedia platform, and if it proves popular, this feature could make shade for service such as Deez.

In addition, Yahoo! provides a small JavaScript code in place your website in order to benefit from Yahoo! Media Player to share your music on the Web.


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