Intel briefs channel on Grantsdale chipset

Intel is prompting the channel on its upcoming Grantsdale chipset.

Although much is already known about Grantsdale, the firm is preparing for a mighty hullabaloo when boards using the chipset launch on the 20/21st of June.In fact, the briefing summarises everything rather neatly. As well as PCI Express graphics, and support for the LGA775 processor, IO includes four general purpose and one PCI Express ports, Northway GbE on PCI Express, and Caswell 802.11 on PCI.

It’s lead free too, so the boards will naturally be a little bit lighter.It supports DDR 2 400/533 or DDR 333/400, includes support for four S-ATA ports, Intel Raid 0,1 and AHCI.For audio, Grantsdale supports either Azalia or AC 97 2.3.It is designed for La Grande security and supports the Trusted Computer Module 1.2.

On the display front, Monsieur Grantsdale supports dual independent display capability using an ADD2 card, and also allows for two SDVO channels multiplex onto the inferace for ADD2 card support.The graphics includes 32bpp true colour support, and a 333MHz graphics core frequency, includes a 400MHz RAMDAC (QXGA), video mixing rendering, hardware motion compensation and TV-out support using an ADD2 card.

Intel says ICH6 has support for 500MB/s concurrent bandwidth using PCI Express, as well as a WLAN, and SIO attach point, and NEWCARD attach for removable IO.

As well as briefing distributors, Intel is also telling the press, under NDA, what the features of Grantsdale are.This must be one of the most pre-heralded chipsets from Intel ever, bar the 820 Caminogate thing.

News source: The Inquirer


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