The tab of Firefox soon inspired by Chrome?

Aza Raskin, who specializes in user interfaces in Mozilla , presented a plan to change the appearance of a new tab to its opening. Currently, at least to use an extension of the type Tab Mix Plus, this new tab only a blank page. Razkin explains, “although it is clean and clear, there are 100% chance that new tab is useless.” Razkin adds that if the user is not burdened with a slew of information, there are several ways to make it productive.

On this new tab is truly adding contextual information that could benefit the user. By inviting developers to address the issue, the expert suggested several ideas. For example, if the user opens a new tab after selecting some text, the browser should be able to understand that it will probably be used within a web service like Google Maps or Yellow Pages. Why not offer a shortcut to these websites? Also, analyzing your history, Firefox should be able to understand your surfing habits, for example, you provide a link to the site you usually visit any time of day or after reading a particular site Internet.

“In 90% of cases, when I open a new tab is to query on the Web Razkin said, before adding:” then why not put a search engine? “. Always analyzing your history, this engine could also take suggestions from the address bar introduced in Firefox 3.0, or integrate services such as peripherals like your account or photo from Flickr. Aza Raskin concluded: “otherwise we could make shortcuts to the most visited sites, as a sort of automated version of Opera Speed Dial..” But is not this what Google already offers its browser with Chrome?

This new concept could be built upon Version 3.1 of Firefox expected by the end of the year. Here is a video demonstration.


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