Linksys, Maxtor Team Up For NAS Device

Linksys Corp. has developed an intermediary device designed to tie into routers and turn hard drives into network-attached-storage arrays.

The $99 Network Storage Link was codeveloped with Maxtor Corp., and Cisco’s Linksys division will offer a rebate for customers who purchase a Maxtor OneTouch USB drive with the network device. However, the NSL will work with any hard drive, Maxtor executives acknowledged.Attaching storage to a network, while common in enterprises, is still making its way into the home. Adding additional storage has become a common way of hacking PVR boxes, and companies have responded by announcing external PVR storage add-in boxes. Meanwhile, companies like Ximeta Corp. have begun adding NAS-like storage that can connect to a network. The Linksys NSL could be integrated into a router or a hard drive, but the intermediary device can be used to plug into a wired or wireless router, as well as a variety of hard drives.

Up to two USB drives can be connected through the NSL, including USB “key” drives that use flash memory. Since the storage is attached to the network, the box apparently contains a small server application, as Linksys promotional materials say that the files stored on the network may be downloaded via the Internet.

News source: ExtremeTech


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