Yahoo! unveils its Application Platform

Last Friday, Yahoo! finally explained its ambitions for its Internet portal tomorrow. To carry out YOS (Yahoo! Open Strategy) the research department Brickhouse unveiled Yahoo! Application Platform , a development kit available next week and that will enable third parties to take advantage of the user base of Yahoo!

The new strategy for Yahoo! was first unveiled at CES in Las Vegas last January by Jerry Yang. Through its concept of the 2.0 inbox, CEO Yahoo! demonstrated the possibility that a third party could offer in a mailbox as the shipment of invitations through Evite integration or the management of geographic metadata on Yahoo! Maps. In addition, Yahoo! to organize your social circle by analyzing how you interact with your contacts on different networks.

Because at the heart of YOS lies the authentication protocol oAuth with a desire to unify the user accounts of third-party services to a single identity, by asking permission to communicate with each different API. However, the reverse is also possible. For example, the user can return the IDs of their Google to connect to the portal Yahoo! Jay Rossiter, head of the project, says it will be possible to establish communications between two temporary services, so that the user can retain a sufficient degree of control. By investing in a high level of security and a system of authentication request, Yahoo! for example, could form partnerships with much larger companies such as banks to manage its accounts from the Internet. If you choose this option, the intelligent management of your contacts will be made through Yahoo! Activator, a tool analyzing your communications within your various messaging services (email and messenger). This will result in an overall ranking of those closest to you and a possible enhancement of their social activities.

Distributed open source on Yahoo! Developer Network, Yahoo! Application Platform will allow developers to deploy their applications on the network sites such as, My Yahoo, Yahoo Mail or Yahoo profile but also on sites in more specific content like Yahoo! Sport, for example who look the same football you at a specific time.


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