Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 with private browsing

Private browsing was added to the Firefox 3.1 pre-release code , just hours before the scheduled code freeze on beta 2.

The developers behind the Firefox project have made available pre-release versions which comes with the Private Browsing mode.

Private browsing is referred to as the “Don’t Leave A Trace” feature because it allows users to hide online activities and one’s surfing history.
This mode is also popularly called the Porn mode as it enables the web user to hide the websites that are being visited.

It also removes any other traces like cookies and cache files when the session is closed.

Firefox programmer Ehsan Akhgar wrote in a blog post about the new features: “Private Browsing aims to help you make sure that your Web browsing activities don’t leave any trace on your own computer. It is very important to note that Private Browsing is not a tool to keep you anonymous from Web sites or your ISP, or for example protect you from all kinds of spyware applications which use sophisticated techniques to intercept your online traffic. Private Browsing is only about making sure that Firefox doesn’t store any data which can be used to trace your online activities, no more, no less.” This will not erase your previous Firefox. While in normal mode, unlike Google Chrome, starting the private mode will not open a separate window. Firefox closes the current tabs (and promises to restore them upon return) before going to the private mode.


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