New Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Updates

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero has some new updates and tweaks. Both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero will be playable as multiplayer.

According to Steam News, they have the word that both Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero will be available on Valve’s broadband delivery service. Also, they have added a featured list of tweaks and updates that’ll be added to the game. Half Life Radio also commented on the ‘Half Life 2’ release date.

“The game originally was to have been released late last year. Now, Valve is hoping to deliver it to publisher Vivendi Universal Games this summer, and it may be on store shelves by this fall.”

These features include:

Added updated player models under CS

Added crosshair customization (color, size, opacity)
Corpses fade out with cl_corpse_stay
Improved player turning right hitbox behavior
Improved brass ejection behavior
hud_draw 0 doesn’t remove blackout
Scope blackout drawn in software mode
Flashlight sound no longer masks weapon firing sounds
Improved text behavior in top-right corner of observer mode
Round timer doesn’t re-appear until the round restarts when the bomb is defused or explodes
Improved hitbox behavior

More information will soon to be released as it becomes available.

News source: VGPro


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