Firefox will release mobile browser Fennec soon

The battle-zone for browsers has got a new field in terms of mobile phone. The contenders in the list include Safari on the iPhone, Internet Explorer Mobile for Windows Mobile, RIM’s BlackBerry Web browser, and version of Chrome for Google’s Android phones. If analysts are to be believed, soon Firefox will also launch the browser version of its browser.

The mobile browser for Firefox is named as “Fennec.”

Last week, Mozilla Inc has released an alpha version of this browser. It is expected that by the first part of 2009, Fennec will be available on consumer phones.

The developers have incorporated the utility to give over the entire screen to web content thus removing all user interface controls.

Also, awesome bar is integrated to make surfing of internet convenient for users. Moreover, Fennec will be able to work with a Firefox research project called Weave that allows a person to remotely access his desktop Web-browsing history, bookmarks, and other preferences. The analysts are expecting that Fennec can get its footing on Symbian devices but can not run on Android phones.

News source: itvoir


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