AMD: ATI Stream meets Nvidia Cuda

MD introduced the new brand “ATI Stream” which contains within it a set of technologies to exploit fully the potential of GPU: this is a clear challenge to technology Cuda of Californian rival Nvidia.

The Financial Analyst Day 2008 ends in a sign of ATI. After an extensive, albeit schematic, overlooking the platform roadmap and AMD, the Sunnyvale chipmaker to present an important new brand in the history of AMD, ATI Stream. Under the shell of ATI Stream gather in reality different technologies known as Close To Metal (CTM) Compute Abstraction Layer (CAL) and Brook + (evolution of Brook, open source compiler for AMD).

E ‘clear and strong signal to consumers by ATI: Nvidia must guard our backs on all fronts. The launch of Cuda technology, PhysX and a new range of professional Quadro solutions has allowed Nvidia to dig a small furrow in the business segment with Stream, ATI bully back in the race, introducing a series of innovative technologies and pulling out cylinder from an interesting solution to preview (the price of 1499 dollars), the new AMD FireStream 9270 that, with a core of 750MHz, 2GB of memory GDDR5 from 900MHz and a computational power of 1.2 teraFLOPS be sure to capture the attention of the media . ATI has well understood that the computational power of the GPU can be used to speed through programming not only graphics but also the productivity of developers, playback of multimedia content, and any other application. Holders of an ATI Radeon HD4000 series can now wait with anxiety the coming Dec. 10, the date on which will be issued the new Catalyst driver suite with 8.12 which will be implemented and “unlocked” features ATI Stream, and also the new version of ATI Aviv (brand new) that dramatically accelerate the development of video conversion.

The goal is to create a set of standards for interoperability between different platforms, and therefore was also announced support for the acceleration of some ATI Stream known software already supported by Nvidia, such as’ entire suite Adobe (Acrobat Reader, Photoshop Extended CD4, After Effects CS4, Flash 10), even if the appeal fails Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, which is able to exploit only when the solution Nvidia Quadro CX 2000 dollars, but also CyberLink PowerDirector 7, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater and Microsoft Windows Vista, Expression Encoder, Office PowerPoint 2007, Silverlight. A short (fourth quarter 2008) will also be updated ATI Stream SDK to version 1.3.


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