Flash Player 10: The first 64-bit Linux

Adobe tries finally to a 64-bit version for Flash Player. These are Linux users who have the first with a first alpha version of their destiny.

Upon the release of Flash Player 10 last October, Adobe said work to support 64-bit platforms for the sake of cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player.The U.S. publisher has also announced support for native 64-bit at the next major release of Flash Player that is taking shape today with a first alpha jet bound for Linux users. Remember that, in time to use Flash Player for viewing Flash content on a 64-bit operating system, Adobe recommends using a browser … 32 bits. 32 bits.

“Adobe strengthens its commitment to the Linux community and to ensure a cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player, a pre-64-bit version of Flash Player for Linux is now available. This allows a more simple, native on systems 64-bit Linux and ends the need for 32-bit emulation “, Adobe said in a statement.

Adobe wanted to the first 64-bit Flash users with OS-handed as they are most expressed the desire. Windows and Mac OS X will obviously not forgotten so far, but it is testing Linux that will be the guarantor. Times change, and for once, Flash Player which is often the poor relation Linux enjoys special treatment.


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