ARM and Adobe collaborate on mobile Web browsing

Pioneer in software making, Adobe Systems has reportedly collaborated with ARM Holdings to bring Flash and better Web services to ARM-powered devices.

The Adobe Systems has strike a deal with ARM Holdings to bring better web services to ARM-powered devices including cell phones from large vendors. The collaboration may also target Apple iPhone, which does not support Flash.

It was indicated that current version of Adobe Flash does not go well with iPhone. Countering which, Adobe reverted back saying that it is busy developing a new module that will fit with iPhone.

In its recent collaboration with ARM Holdings, the software maker has announced to optimize its Flash Player 10 and Adobe AIR for mobile phones based on ARM processors. Most of the world’s leading handset makers, including Nokia and Samsung as well as Apple and RIM, have processors designed by ARM at their core.

The collaboration with ARM is one side of an Adobe-backed venture called the Open Screen Project to create a standard runtime environment for all devices, based on Flash and AIR. Hardware makers such as Broadcom, Freescale, and NVIDIA have also endorsed the ARM-compatible Flash distribution project.


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