Intel: 32 nm finalized

The first 45 nm processor Intel was unveiled in October 2007, was the Core 2 Extreme QX9650. In mid-November 2008, Intel introduced its new architecture, Nehalem, with the Core i7, always engraved in 45 nm. To follow the agenda of its tick-tock (a new fine etching / a new architecture a year, alternating), the manufacturer will have to disclose the process of burning 32 nm next year. The roadmaps show the “Westmere”, a development of 32 nm “Bloomfield” (the Core i7), scheduled for Q4 2009. And obviously, “Sandy Bridge” with a new architecture, landing in 2010. All this seems on track …

You should know that Intel is preparing a new finesse burning in three stages, the research, development and production. In September, the foundry announced it had produced a first chip SRAM in 32 nm. Today, Intel indicate that the development of this fine etching and her forthcoming production. The world’s leading manufacturer of x86 processors is on time and for the moment everything is going well for the 32 nm.

AMD, which has just introduced its first server processors in 45 nm and declination preparing their public for January, should keep a good year behind Intel. The manufacturer should not break its 32 nm server CPU before the end of 2010, and the general public will have to wait 2011. AMD has also recently indicated that instead of the 44% originally planned, it has only 34% of The Foundry Company, the rest being provided by investors from Abu Dhabi.


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