Yahoo will make the user data anonymous after 90 days

Yahoo announced today that it had reduced to 90 days duration of retention of personal data. While twice shorter than that envisaged provided by Microsoft last week, this new policy is already in force. Yahoo even further than the recommendations of the Working Party on data protection published last April.

That the 550 million users of Yahoo is reassuring, this significant improvement in terms of privacy, data retention from 13 to 3 months, not n’impactera user experience. According to Anne Toth, vice president in charge of the protection of privacy with Yahoo, this period is “the minimum time during which it must retain data to meet the needs of the business.”

Particularly in terms of targeted advertising, Christophe Pelletier, communications director for Yahoo France, said that the behavior of Internet users were already studied on a few days to several weeks (maximum 8). Advertisements will therefore remain relevant, whew!

Some data to identify fraudulent activities will be made anonymous however that after 6 months. Still others, for legal reasons, be kept longer.

Against expectation, Yahoo is ahead of his comrades after Microsoft and Google have been very discreet on the subject in recent months. By being “committed to respect for private life” of its users, the former Internet giant seems to want to resume the hair of the beast face of disturbing big brother Google. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will speak in turn making the anonymous data more quickly.


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