Microsoft denies a bug in Windows Media Player

On December 24, a user – Laurent Gaffe – has postponed a bug encountered serious on Windows Media Player 9, 10 and 11 run on versions of Windows XP and Vista updates. Specifically, the software would not be able to read corrupted files in WAV, or MIDI SND. The result of a bug buffer (overflow) that can be caused intentionally to run a malicious external code.

However, Christopher Budd, a spokesman for the Security Center Microsoft says: “Watch what is wrong […] we have not found a way to execute code on this issue.” Jonathan Ness and Fermin J. Serna, two experts from central security and defense of Microsoft explain their side: “We immediately investigated this bug and certify that can be exploited to execute code.”

In this case, remember that Laurent Watch published the report before informing the firm of Redmond, but that last April, Microsoft has already denied the existence of a problem that was really dangerous and which continues to be exploited to date.


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