Hotmail: POP3 connection free soon

Would this be a sudden awareness at Microsoft? Several rumors on the Internet speculating about the next move in the face of Microsoft Hotmail, which would provide access to the POP3 protocol connection for free.

Recall that the POP3 protocol allows users to view their e-mails from a software program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Eudora rather than through the web interface. Thereafter, when downloaded on the local client, the message can be played offline. POP3 connectivity was particularly popular at the time of charging for Internet connection to the original and still is a way to establish safeguards his emails.

Currently, Microsoft allows access to POP3 provided to subscribe to Windows Live Hotmail Plus, a premium charged to 19.99 euros per year. The Redmond giant seems therefore follow in the footsteps of Gmail, which offers this connection since October 2004 and IMAP since October 2007. As an IMAP, Microsoft uses DeltaSync to synchronize emails, contacts and calendar events. For its part, Yahoo! POP allows connectivity via a subscription similar called Yahoo! Mail Plus.

This rumor seems to have been confirmed by a representative of Microsoft in the official forums of Windows Live.


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