Red hat updates Enterprise Linux

OPEN SORCERER Red Hat has unleashed Enterprise Linux 5.3, which it says delivers increased virtualisation scalability and supports use of Intel’s Core Bli7mey chippery. The update also incorporates OpenJDK Java technologies.

Red Hat said Enterprise Linux now supports virtual servers with up to 32 virtual CPUs and 80GB of memory. Physical server limits have been expanded to match the size of today’s latest hardware systems, with up to 126 CPUs and 1TB main memory.

New features, such as support for Hugepage memory and Intel Extended Page Tables (EPT), are claimed to “dramatically” improve the performance of virtual servers.

The outfit claims Enterprise Linux 5.3. delivers “exceptional performance” with Intel Core i7 processors, which it calls “one of the most significant advances for Intel processor architecture since the Pentium Pro”.

In unaudited results it claims gains of 1.7x for commercial applications and gains up to 3.5x for high-performance technical computing applications compared to the previous generation of Intel processors.

News source: TheInquirer


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