G-Techconlogy launches SSD-equipped external drives for Macs

Although this year’s MacWorld Expo is Jobs-less, G-Technology has been more than happy to attend it and present its newest external storage solutions for Macs, the G-DRIVE mini SSD and RAID 0/1 G-RAID mini SSD. Both packing 2.5-inch solid state drives, the devices feature some secsi silver aluminum casings, and have USB 2.0, FireWire 400 and 800 connectivity, with the RAID 0/1 G-RAID mini SSD also offering the eSATA option.

Coming in 120 and 250GB capacities, the G-DRIVE mini SSD can reach read and write speeds of 75 MB/s and 65 MB/s respectively (on FireWire 800), while the 250 and 500GB G-RAID mini SSD will top 195 MB/s, on eSATA.

“These are not your daddy’s drives – unless he requires the most durable, bleeding-edge storage technology on the market,” said Roger Mabon, vice president of Fabrik’s G-Technology product group. “These products target a very niche market segment that understands the cost benefits of using a superior quality, yet simple, SSD-based external storage solution. Nothing comes close to their quality, performance and reliability.”

All backed by a three-year warranty and set to become available later this month, the 120 and 250GB G-DRIVEs will cost $599 and $1,299 respectively, while the 250 and 500GB G-RAID minis will go for $999 and $2,199.


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