IBM is No. 1 supercomputer provider

A recent independent study has claimed that IBM is now the world’s number one provider of installed supercomputing systems, and total aggregate supercomputing power. IBM has 224 installed supercomputing systems globally, as well as a total power of 407 teraflops – trillions of calculations per second.

This is the first time two IBM Blue Gene/L prototype systems have appeared on the top ten supercomputer list. They tend to stand out from the norm because they’re only a fraction (1/20th) of the size of “regular” supercomputers.

The Blue Gene/L DD1 prototype, which is ranked at number 4 globally, has a sustained speed of 11.68 teraflops – though it peaks at 16 teraflops. The system uses over 8,000 PowerPC processors, which are crammed into “just” four racks, each about the size of a fridge. Apparently, this system held the 73rd spot in the list of supercomputers back in November 2003, so it’s shot up the charts fairly quickly.

The Blue Gene/L DD2 prototype is ranked at number 8 in the list, with a sustained speed of 8.66 teraflops and a peak of 11.47 teraflops.Most significantly about the newfound global lead is that IBM has claimed to “surge past” HP to take the lead with its Blue Gene systems.

News source: TheInquirer


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