MS 2003 Server SP1 delayed again!

According to reader Shawn Silvas, of J&R Film, he was at a MS security summit in Los Angeles, where Brian Valentine VP Windows Core Operating System Division pontificated for more than an hour and a half in the keynote address.

Valentine stated that SP1 work 2003 server would not be available until the begining of 2005.The reason, according to Shawn, was that Vole wanted all of the added things in XP SP2 to also be in the 2003 SP1. Like the firewall, IE enhancements and such.

However, Shawn pointed out that while Valentine was saying all of this his slides were showing that the availability for SP1 would be the second half of 2004.

In other words the decision to pull back the release date of SP1 was so recent that Valentine did not have a chance to update his slides. Nor did he have a chance to tell the MS spinsters in Blighty that he was planning to spill the beans at the conference.

News Courtesy TheInquirer


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