Symantec unveils beta parental control

After Norton unveiled Online Backup, a backup line for the general public, Symantec offers another online service, this time in public beta. Norton Family Online is a parental control service based on web and download a client on Windows or Mac OS X. The service that we could not test completely because they can connect to server Symantec allows, after having established a parental account and accounts for their children, monitor the Internet activity of the latter, including sites they visited, searches they have undertaken (including compatible with Google, YouTube and Wikipedia), instant messages they have sent or their activity on social networks.

Other features include the ability to define a limited number of hours of connection, or to filter certain categories of sites like most parental control solutions available. The side of the child, he can send petitions to parents, for example to access a particular site or request more hours of connection. Norton Family Online is currently available in public beta, and only in English. The public beta is available from the Symantec site .


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