Transcend launches a Full Line of Solid State Drives

Transcend has come up with a Full Line of Solid State Drives for it’s user.

With the ever-increasing popularity of compact notebooks and high-end portable devices, the demand for solid-state drives (SSD) is greater than ever. Transcend is poised at the forefront of this new solid-state revolution, offering a complete line of SSD products including its brand-new 1.8″ portable SSD (SSD18M) that features the versatility of both eSATA and USB connection interfaces in capacities of up to 128 GB, and also 1.8″ and 2.5″ form-factor SATA-II and IDE interface SSDs with up to 192 GB storage capacity. All of these high-speed reliable drives are backed by a two-year warranty along with the support of Trancend’s global service network.

Combining the speed and durability advantages of solid-state technology, Transcend`s SSD18M is an innovative new type of storage device that offers fashionable good looks and high-capacity mobile storage convenience. Unlike traditional hard disk drives, Transcend`s SSD18M contains no moving parts, which not only eliminates the possibility of mechanical failure resulting from vibration and shock, but also provides substantial weight savings and reduced power consumption. With both eSATA and USB2.0 interface options, this portable SSD18M features the ultimate in connection flexibility, offering guaranteed speed along with multi-platform compatibility. Its new high-speed eSATA interface provides a maximum read speed of 90 MB/s and write speeds of 50 MB/s, while its USB 2.0 interface assures maximum compatibility with all types of notebook and desktop PCs. Aside from its high-speed performance and solid-state durability, the SSD18M`s chic gloss diamond pattern fascia sets it apart as a genuinely fashionable device. Measuring only 80 mm x 50 mm x 12.5 mm and weighing just 50 g, the SSD18M provides ultra-portable convenience, with a shape that fits perfectly in a pocket, briefcase or purse. Combining portability, speed and reliability inside an extremely elegant exterior, the SSD18M is the perfect choice for storing essential files either at home or when traveling. It is now available in 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB capacities. In addition to the portable SSD18M, Transcend also offers 1.8″ and 2.5″ form-factor internal solid state drives with SATA-II and IDE interfaces. All Transcend SSDs are designed for easy and straightforward user installation in most notebook computers and mainstream PCs, and are available in capacities ranging from 8 GB to 192 GB.

Transcend solid state drives are all equipped with lightweight case, high reliability, very low power consumption and incredible resistance to shock and vibration. These features make them ideal drop-in replacements for conventional hard disk drives in both industrial and portable devices like ultra compact notebooks that require long battery life and must be durable enough to withstand a few bumps and scratches. In addition, Transcend SSDs have built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) that ensures highly reliable data transfer and increases overall system integrity. Advanced wear-leveling technology also guarantees ultra-long lifespan and data-retention durability for long-term use. Moreover, the high-speed, low-latency performance of Transcend SSDs gives users an overall more enjoyable, lag-free computing experience. Transcend in currently developing even faster and larger capacity solid state drives to meet the future needs of the burgeoning market for high speed, lightweight low-power SSDs.


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