Syniverse Selected to Provide Mobile Number Portability in India

The India Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has selected Syniverse Technologies (NYSE: SVR), a leading provider of business and technology solutions for the global telecommunications industry, as one of two companies that will implement mobile number portability (MNP) services in the country. Syniverse was awarded a letter of intent to provide India’s telecommunications operators with number portability clearing house and centralized database solutions for the next 10 years.

Because of the project’s enormous scale, the DoT divided the country into two geographic zones for number portability implementation, each of which will be handled by a different MNP provider. Each zone is further broken down into 11 service areas that represent cities within the zone. Zone 1 will cover the northern and western regions of the country, while Zone 2 will include the south and east.

Syniverse was selected to receive the license for Zone 1, which includes the service areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat and seven others. The MNP implementation will first focus on the larger metropolitan service areas before moving into the more rural locations.As an operator-neutral third party, Syniverse will maintain an accurate, rapid and seamless number porting process for both Indian operators and their subscribers, facilitating the transfer of telephone numbers when subscribers wish to keep their numbers when changing from one operator to another. It is a tremendous honor to be selected to provide number portability in India,” said Raymond Cheung, Executive Vice President and CEO for Syniverse Asia Pacific. “Syniverse’s proven track record of implementing MNP in countries that include Singapore, the United States, Canada and Hong Kong will help ensure Indian operators have an efficient, cost-effective solution that also will benefit their subscribers.

“Not only does Syniverse already have extensive experience providing the technical infrastructure behind number portability, but we also have successfully implemented additional critical operator-side MNP gateway systems for individual mobile operators to ensure their own systems are able to provide subscribers with seamless, end-to-end portability,” he said.

Sanjay Kasturia, who heads Syniverse’s India operations, said that in addition to meeting the country’s needs for world-class number portability services, Syniverse has a growing presence in India, providing data clearing services to all of the country’s CDMA operators. The company also has more than 20 years of experience providing both CDMA and GSM operators around the world with industry-leading messaging, roaming, network, business intelligence and clearing solutions, in addition to an array of value-added prepaid and multimedia products.


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