NVIDIA Introduces new cards

NVIDIA has introduced the GeForce GTS 150, GT 130, GT 120 and G100, which are old GeForce 9-known as it has become a habit for the company in the chameleon. The manufacturer adds a new string to his bow of questionable practices by launching these products in a totally silent. For a manufacturer always very talkative, lack outright release announcing these cards is somewhat surprising. This can be explained by the fact that it seems to be cards that will most likely intended only to OEMs and should not be created among partners of the manufacturer. One might therefore infer that the GeForce 1xx series are dedicated to OEMs and the GeForce 2xx are reserved to the retail market.

The existence of products specially designed for the benefit of OEMs and discreetly announced is not new. However, the case takes a different tone in light of the recent past, NVIDIA, and the quantity of products.Without the consumer can learn about what they really are. NVIDIA probably use the argument “OEM-only” to them from the reckless few who wants to try the product, and ignore the other negative assertions expressed in the absence of evidence.

Looking exactly like the 9800 GTX+, the GTS 150 has a 256-bit memory interface and 1GB of GDDR3 memory clocked at 2000 MHz, a 7348 MHz GPU and 1836 MHz shaders. The 9600 GSO-resembling GT 130 has an 192-bit memory interface, 768 MB of memory set to 1000 MHz, plus GPU and shader clocks of 500 and 1250 MHz respectively, while the 9500 GT blood brother, the GT 120 has an 128-bit memory interface and 512MB DDR2 memory @ 1000 MHz, and GPU, shader frequencies of 500 and 1400 MHz respectively.

Last and definitely least, the low profile GeForce G100 has a 64-bit memory interface and GPU, shader and memory (512MB DDR2) clocks of 567, 1400 and 1000 MHz respectively.


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