HI’s MascotCapsule V3 and V4 Now Supports Apple iPhone and iPod touch

HI CORPORATION announced today that its real-time 3D rendering engine MascotCapsule V3 and MascotCapsule V4 for embedded devices supports platforms of iPhone and iPod touch produced by Apple Inc.

MascotCapsule V3 and V4, which have shipped more than 400 million units worldwide (as of March 2009), now support the international platforms iPhone and iPod. This enables developers to easily port 3D mobile content developed using the MascotCapsule series into iPhone and iPod touch, allowing the effective use of content assets. Through this support there is great market potential that can be realized as a result of the reduction in development costs of 3D graphics in content development for iPhone and iPod touch.
HI’s latest 3D rendering engine MascotCapsule eruption has supported iPhone and iPod touch since July 2008. Now all of HI’s flagship engines support iPhone and iPod touch.

HI is committed to further expanding the 3D application market by increasing the number of supported platforms.


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