Pelago Announces Launch of Whrrl v2.0 on Apple App Store

SXSW Interactive Festival Pelago today announced the release of Whrrl v2.0, an application for iPhone and iPod touch that enables people to capture and share the moments of their lives, as they happen, in story form. Through location, photos and text updates, users can easily turn everyday life experiences into lasting stories that can be remembered, organized and shared. Each user controls exactly who can view their story, ranging from public to private, and includes the option to broadcast status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

“The story format for sharing life experiences is very exciting, because stories are the source of so much inspiration,” said Jeff Holden, Founder and CEO of Pelago. “We deeply believe that people will, through the stories of others, find new and diverse opportunities for adventure and human connection in their lives that they otherwise would have missed. Whrrl v2.0 for the revolutionary iPhone and iPod touch makes it incredibly simple for people to capture and share the moments of their lives – fun, silly, crazy or otherwise – with anyone they choose, from any location, at any time.”

Whrrl v2.0 stories are collaborative: two or more people who are physically together can “join” and contribute to the same story from their own iPhone or iPod touch, allowing a single experience to be expressed from multiple points of view. In addition, each story has its own unique URL that can be easily shared. After the real-world experience ends, the story may be edited by the participants via the Whrrl website and shared with others through Facebook, Twitter and email.

Whrrl v2.0 is now available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch


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