Red Hat Enterprise releases Linux 4.8 Beta

Red Hat, Inc. has released a beta build of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.8, the fully-supported legacy line of the company’s enterprise-class Linux distribution: “Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of the beta release of 4.8 (Linux kernel 2.6.9-82.EL) for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 family of products.

This release includes the following improvements: Kerberos 5 utilities are now PAM enabled; updated IPMItool to v1.8.10, Device-mapper to 1.02.28; added router solicitation support; added virtio drivers to support KVM hypervisor environments; added new AMD HDMI audio support to ATI HDMI; updated ALSA hda driver update from upstream; fixed and properly detect pmtimer on ASUS a8v motherboard; improved reliability of Autofs; fixed various short packet handling for NFSv4 readdir and sunrpc issues….” Read the rest of the release announcement further details and known issues. The ISO images of this beta release are available to all existing RHEL subscribers via the Red Hat Networks service.
Highlights of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8 Beta:

· The krb5 tools are now PAM enabled;
· ipmitool was updated to version 1.8.10;
· rpm is now able to archive files larger than 2 GB;
· device-mapper was updated to version 1.02.28;
· The dm_hp_sw handler for HP Storage Arrays in device-mapper-multipath was updated;
· The mpath_prio_ontap error handling module in device-mapper-multipath was improved;
· IPv6 support was added to iscsi-initiator-utils;
· Router solicitation support was added;
· OFED was updated to version 1.4;
· virtio drivers were added in order to support KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) hypervisor environments;
· AMD/ATI HDMI audio support was added;
· Support for affected_cpus in cpufreq was added;
· usbfs_mutex was backported in usbfs;
· The i8042 polling timer was removed;
· The pmtimer for the ASUS A8V motherboard was fixed; it is now properly detected;
· The ALSA HDA Intel driver was updated;
· Many other kernel improvements.


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