Quick-PDF Software Releases PDF to WORD 2.1

Quick-PDF Software today announces PDF to WORD ver.2.1, a new version of the converter for quick export of Adobe PDF documents to Microsoft Word RTF format. Designed as a super-light and inexpensive alternative to Adobe Acrobat, PDF to WORD will help home and office users to convert protected PDF files to documents that can be edited in any word processor, such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, or OpenOffice.

Adobe PDF documents have become an integral part of the workflow in business organizations and at home. Office workers typically deal with hundreds of electronic documents each month, including contracts, business letters, newsletters, press-releases and other document types, which all come in Adobe PDF. Home users also come across PDF documents quite often when they download articles, handouts, or textbooks from the Internet. For all the advantages of Adobe PDF documents, they have a challenge – one cannot edit them without the installation of Adobe Acrobat. Many users find this tool rather expensive, especially in the times of crisis when people
and businesses tend to cut down on expenses. Priced at only $29.95 in March, PDF to WORD comes as a much more economical alternative to Adobe Acrobat when it comes to export of PDF files to RTF.

PDF to WORD is unique thanks to its ease of use and quality output. Exporting PDF to RTF is easier than making a screen-grab. The program opens into a clear wizard where the user is required to make only a few clicks to get a PDF file converted to RTF. The user simply drags the file onto the wizard or uses the Add PDF File button, selects the destination to save the output, chooses the output format (Simple, Standard, Frame) and specifies whether to put images in the background or foreground. That’s all. Clicking
the Start Conversion button starts the export.

The program exports PDF files in brilliant quality, which is due to the proprietary innovative algorithm that builds on the long-term research of digital document production technologies. The RTF output file meticulously retains the layout, images, text and formatting of the source Adobe PDF document.

The user can export more than one PDF file at a time. PDF to WORD supports batch conversion, so one can add a folder with files or drag files from different destinations and get them exported to RTF in the unattended mode.

PDF to WORD ver.2.1 runs on Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista.


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