Cisco wants to take control of data centers

Cisco is showing its muscles through the launch on Monday of its strategy focused on “computer unfiée (unified computing), namely an offer combining advanced hardware and software virtualization for data centers.

In this context, the U.S. competitor to players such as Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks network equipment, is expected to integrate its first servers with Intel microarchitecture (Nehalem), the virtualization technologies of the reference sector, VMware and a new network switch meant to ensure the smooth operation of applications regardless of the servers and storage systems used.

Some critics feel that Cisco has no other purpose than to impose its products for data centers to the detriment of competition. In other words, any client interested in Cisco’s approach to virtualization for data centers would be required to install the servers of the mark rather than those of IBM, HP, Dell, Sun or the Japanese-German Fujitsu Siemens. Remember, the server market is estimated at 50 billion dollars …

At Cisco, we stay zen. John Chambers, CEO of the group, reiterated during a web conference brought together leaders from Intel, Microsoft, BMC, VMware and EMC, reference software and storage infrastructure, wanting to “virtualize the data center in its entirety and keep connected applications in complex environments.

The arrival of Cisco in the market for server going to change the situation? Cisco will it continue its development in the sector through the acquisition of EMC, reference software and storage infrastructure, and majority shareholder of VMware?


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