CosmoCom Introduces Microsoft Outlook Integration

CosmoCom announced today that its new Version 6 of CosmoCall Universe includes integration with Microsoft Outlook, the leading solution for managing time and information, connecting across boundaries, and controlling the information that reaches you. The integration allows Outlook users to originate CosmoCall Universe calls from their Outlook Contacts. It is available for all CosmoCom user licenses – the traditional Agent licenses, and the Unified Customer Communications licenses that are new in Version 6 – ReadyReps and Business Users.

The integration works with all versions of Outlook, including the latest, Outlook 2007, which delivers numerous innovations for searching communications, organizing work, and sharing information with others — all from one place. Now there is one more thing you can do from that one place. The user simply selects a contact in Outlook and clicks that button to place a call via CosmoCall Universe.

“We developed this integration to ensure that we deliver on the promise of Unified Customer Communications,” said Steve Kaish, CosmoCom’s VP of Product Management. “The Outlook client is ubiquitous among global business users. With our new ReadyRep and Business User licenses broadening our user base within enterprises, we want to give CosmoCall Universe users who are also Outlook users a quick and easy way of placing calls on our system within Outlook.” CosmoCom, the global leader in Contact Center Consolidation 2.0, excels in providing IP contact center platforms for enterprises with the largest and most complex requirements, consolidating multiple locations, onshore, offshore, and home-shore agents, formal and informal agents, captive and outsourced operations, multiple communication channels, and multiple applications. Organizations can obtain the full benefits of Consolidation 2.0 by deploying CosmoCom technology themselves or by working with a service provider that hosts CosmoCom platforms on a dedicated or shared basis. CosmoCom customers include Fortune-class enterprises throughout the world and service providers such as BT, Deutsche Telekom, Orange Business Services, Telefonica, NTT, Tata, PLDT, Verizon, and many others. CosmoCom is the most-selected provider of hosted contact center platforms to top-tier telcos worldwide.


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