Firefox 3.6, code-named Namokora, announced for early 2010

As long as we are still waiting for the release of the final version of Firefox 3.5 (eg Firefox 3.1, code-named Shiretoko), 4 beta which is scheduled for a few days, the Mozilla Foundation has just published on the wiki the first information about his successor. The latter, whose code name is Namokora, is now numbered 3.6, but not definitive. Mozilla also uses the name “”.

According to Mozilla, this new version will emerge in a stable release in early 2010. The new Firefox will focus particularly on the performance “perceptible by the user” mode, open a tab, reactivity towards tasks, etc.. Another priority: the software customization and extensions (facilitation of the development, installation, management, etc.).

Soon version 3.0.9

Mozilla also evokes a navigation focused on the tasks performed by the user, and a browser that would serve as a link between online applications and the OS. Firefox 3.6 will use the 1.9.2 version of the web rendering engine Gecko.

A few days ago, Mozilla released urgently the v3.0.8 of Firefox, to address two important security vulnerabilities. Version 3.0.9 is expected on April 21, and 3.0.10 in mid-May.


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