Google wants to take over Twitter

Google has put phrases on close cooperation with, or a possible takeover of Twitter, reports Tech Crunch. The popular micro-blogging site would “considerably more than 250 million dollars’ worth.

Tech Crunch writes that negotiations about a possible takeover of Twitter by Google, according to insiders in an advanced stage. Another source of the site says that the two companies still does not go beyond preliminary discussions, but that the two companies are also talking about cooperation, possibly in the construction of a real search engine.

Google is not the first major party interested in the micro-blogging site. Twitter hit in November a takeover of Facebook out. This company offered 500 million dollars, but that amount was partly in Facebook shares and would be appreciated.

Tech Crunch says that with a possible Google acquisition of Twitter, whatever the level of consideration, good business would do. If Google search with the ever growing Twitter message flows can make that much money would be if companies were able to use Twitter to market. There are also rumors about interest from Microsoft, the software giant would not be able to afford to the micro-blogging site to Google. Microsoft would be too much behind Google. Source : Tech Crunch


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