Microsoft RC testers wants to install Windows 7 on Vista

Microsoft, Windows 7-testers requested for the next Release Candidate of the new OS on a Vista machine to install and not as an upgrade to the Windows 7 beta. The company seems to confirm that the RC in May convenience.

The call to the RC of Windows 7 is not on the previous version, but on a Vista system to install, Tuesday was made at the Engineering Windows 7 blog. The post makes it clear that the end of last month mistakenly Microsoft announced release date in May in any case not far wrong. Also a release in April are still not always rebutted rumors.

Microsoft wants to install on Vista systems get more details about the problems with the massive migration to the new operating system can arise. The company says to expect that most testers RC as soon as possible will want to install, but still hopes that the laborious process of ‘clean’ install and configure Vista. The Windows Easy Transfer tool would be to help.

By default, Windows 7 RC an error when trying to transfer an older prerelease version to continue. Microsoft, the beta testers not against hunting in the harness and provides the necessary instructions to the RC, as it really is essential, but on a Windows 7 beta to install.

Microsoft points out in the blog post, reiterated that an installation of Windows 7 on top of Windows XP is not available in this case will always be a clean install required. The softwarereus confirmed Monday by ZDNet on rumors that OEMs until after the release of Windows XP computers to be 7 degrees down. The company gives it to pressure for HP and customers afraid of compatibility problems with their applications. An end date for the scheme was not given, although according to HP is April 30, 2010. Until January 31, 2010, these customers and Vista owners still free upgrade to Windows 7.


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