Microsoft Office 14 now renamed to Office 2010

The arriving office suite of Microsoft, which is at present developed under code name Office 14, at the release Microsoft Office 2010 will be called. That communicates on the basis of an anonymous source Microsoft to Zdnet.

The definite denomination for the office parcel, which will end up according to the expectations in March 2010, must further will become clear from splash screen of recent bolted of Office. In this are become 2010 – technical read preview. Microsoft refused give comment compared with ZDnet on the information.

“The codename, “Office 14″, which my colleague Mary-Jo Foley has covered extensively, skipped the “13″ because Microsoft were supposedly suspicious and equally superstitious around the connotations associated with the number.

Although it’s not much to go on, and no build numbers were included with the email, the following splash screen was attached of a “recent build”, according to the Microsoft source.”

With the choice for the name Office 2010 follow Microsoft the pattern of its earlier versions; Office 11 will be called Office 2003 and Office 12 came two years suffered on the market such as Office 2007. Respectively for the Mac Office 2001, 2004 and 2008 appeared.

Microsoft made Friday confessed that it for wsus will bring out month still this Office 2007 SP2. Supposedly short then other users also second Service Pack for Office 2007 are able download. With SP2 among other things Office-documents can be stored in pdf- and odf-format, must the performances and stability of Outlook is raised and is it with a tool possible earlier remove servicepacks.


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