Windows 7 will be available in October

Not for the school, but for the universities that the new operating system from Microsoft, Seven, will be officially launched.

Reportedly, the first PCs with Windows 7 will be marketed in France from next October. The output of the new Microsoft operating system would be faster than expected, with a finish so far officially envisaged late 2009-early 2010.

In Print, so the battle. If nobody dares to admit that Windows Vista is a technical failure, everything is made to ensure that the launch of Windows 7 a success. How? After the surprise launch of the first beta of Windows 7, the development teams in Redmond care, under the leadership of Steven Sinofsky, which internally is called Release Candidate (RC). The RC is – according to Microsoft parlance – the final version before the commercial version or – to continue to jargon – the RTM (Release To Manufacturing).

This famous RC is expected for almost two months. But as the green light is given by the person who previously was in charge of Office 2007, please refine its copy. The latest build dated (the 7077) – that can easily be found on the Internet – is an incredible stability.

And during various tests carried out on machines with Vista or XP, upgrading to this version is amazing simplicity. Little or no drivers to install, little or no concern for compatibility software tools outside the system, little or no concern to recover applications and data. The last major site appears to involve the management of digital files through the Media Center and Media Player. This is not Microsoft that says, but manufacturers …

If this is not official, Microsoft has not made any comment on this information, Windows 7, according to several sources, be available in October 2009. First manufacturer to deliver the information: Acer’s first PC-in-one touch.

Because one of the innovations introduced with Windows 7: support slabs and other screens more or less tactile. Conducted on an HP TouchSmart IQ5000, preliminary tests have shown that the management of Windows 7 Touch had its meaning, for example, the ability to zoom in on photos with two fingers, as is done on the iPhone. We even found some more logic to handle the multimedia data in touch with the mouse. Obviously remains to be seen whether the applications are actually planned to take advantage of such an interface.

Impossible to be ready for the school

Other manufacturers – under the guise of confidentiality – have also confirmed that Windows 7 will actually be in their machines just after the period known as back to school, ie in October 2009. It is true that the school is already being prepared in the backroom. Therefore difficult to propose before Windows 7.

Whether Microsoft will propose as a coupon for Vista update, nothing is yet decided. But for Microsoft, beyond a simple reply coupon, the test size of the famous RC Windows 7 will be for them the true way to convince both individuals and businesses.


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