Wikipedia closes deal with Orange

Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia, has announced a deal to have agreements with telecom Orange.

France’s Orange may deal with this launch its own channels on the mobile and web portal on Wikipedia. These channels will then be enriched with articles from Wikipedia itself.

In addition, Orange in web and mobile portals targeted marketing areas. The proceeds from these ads that follows will be shared with Wikimedia, which normally live mainly on donations from its community.

Both parties will in the long term focus on the development of widgets for mobile devices, so that the content of Wikipedia is also available. Wikimedia recently launched in the mobile portal of Wikipedia, with this deal that may become enlarged.

The new Orange content will first be available in France, Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom. Later it will be rolled out to other European countries. In the Netherlands, together with Orange T-Mobile, which is independent of the international business.

In early Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikimedia, last year for donations. Within eight days, when two million dollars for it. In total Wikimedia collected in 2008 six million dollars together.


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