Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso Uses NVIDIA GPUs And CUDA Technology

NVIDIA today announced that Cyberlink has released its MediaShow Espresso, an easy to use software application that converts digital video for playback on different portable devices, such as the iPod, iPhone, or PSP at very high speeds with excellent quality. By accessing the massively parallel processing power of the NVIDIA CUDA computing architecture built inside all currently shipping NVIDIA Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and over 100 million already in the market, MediaShow Espresso reduces video encoding time by up to ten times. As a result of performing the required processing on the NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPUs, MediaShow Espresso converts videos in a fraction of the usual time, dramatically reducing the length of time convert an HD video for use on a portable media player.

CUDA is NVIDIA’s GPU computing architecture for massively parallel processing. The first CUDA GPU was introduced in November 2006 with the GeForce 8800 and has been in every new GPU since, with more than 118 million CUDA-enabled GPUs in the market today.


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