IBM Acquires Exeros Assets

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the acquisition of the assets of Exeros, a privately-held company based in Santa Clara, California, that provides leading data discovery software. Financial details were not disclosed. The acquisition further strengthens IBM’s Information Agenda strategy to help companies turn data into a strategic asset, and provides new capabilities for IBM’s recently announced Business Analytics Optimization Consulting practice.

Exeros’ technology automatically uncovers hidden relationships between databases, helping users make sense of disparate data sources much faster than otherwise possible. This capability, which can dramatically reduce the cost of data-intensive projects such as data warehousing and master data management, can help clients generate new levels of intelligence that can identify new market trends and predict business outcomes with more certainty.

For example, a credit card company or airline could use Exeros software to consolidate customer award program information from multiple databases containing millions of client records, down to a single, master view of all customer information without the need for labor-intensive manual mapping of data. By automating the process and validating its accuracy, the company could begin to quickly gain new insights about customers in a matter of days rather than months.

The acquisition of Exeros will further IBM’s Information on Demand initiative aimed at capturing the growing market opportunity for enabling customers to use information as a competitive and strategic business asset. Consistent with IBM’s software strategy, Exeros clients’ and partners’ investments in existing IBM and Exeros technologies will be preserved, allowing customers to take advantage of the broader set of capabilities without the need to replace existing systems.

“All organizations today are faced with the daunting challenge of turning massive amounts of information into insights to guide their businesses, but many are held back by the complexity of corporate data sources,” said Ambuj Goyal, general manager, IBM Information Management. “The combination of IBM and Exeros will enable companies to more intelligently manage their data across all formats and computing platforms, creating a smarter enterprise.”

Over the next several months, IBM intends to integrate Exeros within IBM’s Information Management Software portfolio.

The desire by businesses to access, manage and deliver information more efficiently is driving change in the information technology marketplace. Companies grappling with government mandates and business demands are striving to capture and integrate information in a more seamless, real-time fashion across their enterprises – independent of the applications or business processes used to create that information. Transforming this data into a strategic business asset means smarter business decisions and faster response to changing market conditions.

The acquisition of Exeros supports IBM’s recently announced Business Analytics & Optimization Consulting practice and network of Analytics Solution Centers to meet growing client demand for advanced analytics capabilities to create new, smarter business systems.


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