New SMS Text Messaging Software for Mac OS X Platforms

TextMagic, a provider of online text messaging software for businesses, developers and consumers, is pleased to officially announce the immediate availability of its latest downloadable version of TextMagic Messenger for Mac OS X platforms. TextMagic Messenger is quickly becoming the premiere online text message software for PC users and now provides reliable text by computer services to Mac users who want to communicate with customers, colleagues across the globe or friends and family.

TextMagic Messenger allows users to send and receive SMS messages from an Internet connected desktop or laptop computer. The software helps companies communicate with customers and employees, and delivers an inexpensive way to add SMS messaging to their business communication arsenal. TextMagic Messenger is also ideal for consumers seeking a reliable, user-friendly text message program to send text messages to mobile phones of friends and colleagues. The application is one of few text message programs compatible with Mac OS X platforms, and outperforms Skype’s SMS feature on price and functionality. “Our TextMagic Messenger is used by many small businesses to text from computers to mobile phones around the globe,” said Priit Vaikmaa, marketing manager of TextMagic Ltd. “You can communicate a lot within the 160-character limit, as Twitter has demonstrated. Time is money, and TextMagic Messenger delivers an unparalleled solution for sending important SMS messages quickly and efficiently.”

TextMagic Messenger reaches more than 700+ mobile phone networks in more than 200+ countries worldwide. This innovative text message program allows users to perform a variety of SMS messaging functions. Users can:

Import contacts from Microsoft Entourage, Outlook and other contact management tools.
Send text messages to large groups.
Use templates to send personalised greetings, invitations and other text messages.
Check the delivery status of text messages easily from the Sent Folder.
Send long text messages (up to 3 texts linked together).

TextMagic Messenger is free to download, and users can text from a PC or send SMS from a Mac computer. Customers must purchase SMS credits based on their needs and frequency of usage Up to 50,000 credits can be purchased at one time. Payments are processed securely by PayPal. New customers, both Mac and Windows users, are eligible to receive 20 free bonus credits on their first orders.


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