Microsoft WGA Validation Tool in Windows Vista and Windows 7 renamed to Windows Activation Technologies

“Windows Activation Technologies. This name would better reflect the function of the tool. ‘WHAT’ for Windows 7 in addition to a number of respects. Product activation and validation in Windows 7 is built off the same Software Protection Platform that was introduced with Windows Vista.

Microsoft launched WGA as part of a widespread crackdown effort against software counterfeiting and piracy that it has undertaken in earnest for several years. Many users griped about WGA when it was first introduced, especially because of early bugs that would deem genuine software counterfeit, forcing one user to write a work-around for the glitch and irking many others.

For Windows XP, Microsoft retains the current name. Microsoft gives this reason that the technology in Windows Vista and Windows 7 is significantly different than in Windows XP. “It contains the latest methods to protect Windows and works only with the components in Windows Vista and Windows 7 are built,” said Joe Williams, Head of Worldwide Genuine Windows group within Microsoft.

Formerly known as Windows Genuine Advantage, the anti-piracy technology has been rebranded Windows Activation Technologies in Windows 7. But in addition to the name change, the company has tweaked the technology to improve the user experience. Besides the name change will WAT in Windows 7 a number of substantive changes. This is Microsoft responding to complaints about the current anti-piracy measures in Windows Vista. If users complained that Windows Vista SP1 installation had not activated it in the periodic reports for the activation of their Windows version, the “Activate later’ button for fifteen seconds could not tick. In Windows 7, this delay removed. And WHAT in Windows 7 info on the validation process.

For the business market, Microsoft has also some adjustments in what place. Thus, in the Windows 7 version support built in for gevirtualiseerde images and centralized activation management.


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