Laplink PCmover’s New Migration Tools – Now Available for All Users, from Home to Enterprise

PCmover is the ONLY migration utility that moves programs, files, and settings from your old PC to your new PC. Simply install PCmover on both your old and new computers and go! PCmover will determine which programs, files, and settings need to be moved, and when the transfer is complete, your new computer will have the personality and functionality of your old PC as well as all of its own pre-installed software. Works with almost any Windows operating system. Its a easiest way to move into a Windows XP or Vista PC

Laplink Software, Inc. announced that PCmover is now available in versions designed and priced for specific users, with a new consumer version edition priced as low as $29.95. Versions of PCmover designed for other users – including IT consultants and businesses – are priced even lower on a per license basis.

The official magazines of Windows Vista and XP both recommend PCmover to their readers as the best migration product available. And they are not alone. Independent reviews of PCmover have consistently shown that no other migration product has been ranked ahead of PCmover, helping PCmover remain the top-selling migration product on the market today, meeting the needs of consumers and businesses alike.

“A big reason for its success, now over 99% market share in U.S. retail, is that only PCmover automatically transfers programs, files, and settings from an old PC to a new one,” explained Clark. “Other products copy over files and maybe some settings, but PCmover is unique in its ability to transfer programs – which means there’s no need to find old CDs or serial numbers, because there’s no need to install your applications on your new PC.”

In PC buying surveys of consumers and businesses, the “hassle factor” of setting up a new PC is often cited as one of the top reasons to delay purchases. The hours or even days required to “move into” the new computer can be a difficult hurdle, but PCmover eliminates the problem – and now at a lower price.

For consumers, PCmover is a proven weekend saver, allowing a new PC to be set up with just a few mouse clicks. All e-mail, address books, pictures, music, videos, and even programs like iTunes and Microsoft Office – all are automatically copied over from the old PC and reinstalled on the new PC.

For businesses, studies have shown that using PCmover Business or Enterprise results in savings of more than $300 for each new PC set up, allowing organizations to efficiently upgrade their systems.

PCmover is now available in the following new versions:

PCmover Professional: Compatible with almost any version of Windows and user environment – domain users, multiple user profiles, full application selectivity, and much more.

PCmover Home: Designed with the home and student users in mind and priced accordingly.

PCmover Express: A few less features than Home and priced at $29.95. Perfect for setting up a netbook.

PCmover Business: Designed for IT consultants and business users to quickly and easily deploy new PCs.

PCmover Enterprise: IT staff can fully customize and control very simple to very complex migrations throughout their organization with attractive volume and site license pricing.
All versions of PCmover come with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. And using PCmover is truly risk-free because all versions come with a one-click “undo” feature.

Students, home, business and corporate PC users can eliminate the hassle of moving into a new PC with these new versions of PCmover available at an affordable price.


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