A-DATA DDR2-800 4GB SO-DIMM Makes Its Debut

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in high performance memory product, has released the all-new DDR2-800 4GB SO-DIMM DRAM Module, designed to cope with the new generation CULV Netbook computers with its superior performance at a low-voltage setting.

The new generation of Netbook computer based on Intel CULV platform is coming on strong, expected to set yet another trend in the consumer electronics market. The so-called CULV Netbook computer is powered by Intel’s mainstream processor with better performance compared to Atom processors mostly used in regular Netbook computers, implying a higher memory performance to be required in order to achieve the level of mobility as advertised. This particular new memory module provides a perfect solution for such requirement.

Backed up by A-DATA’s extraordinary R&D capability in high performance products, the new 200-pin DDR2-800 4GB SO-DIMM memory uses original DRAM IC, coupled with the sophisticated 8-layered PCB design layout, offering exceptional reliability; performance-wise, it comes with 4GB capacity and 1.5~1.8V low power consumption. Overall, this memory product is certainly an ideal choice for mobile users, especially those equipped with CULV-based systems, who are looking for the high-performance and reliable memory solution for upgrading their mobile gears.


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