Nokia E71, E66 and E51 Updates

This time around, we learn that the company has
come up with software updates for E71 and E66, which are now at version
300.21.012, as well as for E51, which sees v400.34.011 firmware.
Nokia E51 now can get its firmware update to version 400.34.011. As for
Nokia E71 and E66, they all can go to the latest firmware update to
version 300.21.012. Previously Nokia E71 and E66 still on version

The updates include new versions of  Mail for Exchange and Nokia Maps,  camera viewfinder orientation, Mail for Exchange synchronisation and browsing.

Both E71 and E66 were previously at version, and the new software available for them comes as a major firmware update. Some of the goodies that have been included in the new release are updates to Mail for Exchange software and email wizard, along with Internet Radio and social networking bookmark widgets.

Nokia E51 software version 400.34.011. This software release brings improvements and increased stability in Mail for Exchange, SMS reception improvements and stability and usability improvements for VoIP and WLAN. The release also includes robustness improvements when pressing the Home key.

Remember that the E71 and E66 do not update via FOTA and therefore do
not support UDP (user data preservation), so please make sure you have
fully backed up your devices through either Nokia PC Suite or Ovi Suite.

The update also includes
enhancements for VoIP and WLAN, as well as “robustness improvements”
for the Home key. These are nothing more than bug fixes, All About
Symbian says, yet it is good that the company is set to release
software updates for its devices. 

Users will have to back up their data before proceeding with the installation, for these devices do not come with (UDP) User Data Preservation, and the update process will erase all their files.


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