OS Chrome: the new operating system from Google

Google will play the card operating system by announcing the upcoming release of Google Chrome OS. Google Chrome OS may be present on your PC from 2010.

Google, the king of search engines, expands its range of services providing out of the next few months, Google Chrome OS. Chrome is also the name of their browser and the operating system is also forecasting that name, it is no coincidence, since the OS will focus on the performance of the browser. Google diversifies, we saw it with Gmail and other office tools online, only one more perfect OS for its global offering. Designed initially for the netBook, Google Chrome OS will be compatible with all machines and source code will be unveiled late 2009. Highly oriented Web applications, Google Chrome OS claims already as minimalist and simple .

As for technology, Google Chrome OS based on Linux, and support the x86 and ARM. Apparently, the breakthrough Chrome OS is well under way since Google does not hide for initiating discussions with potential partners and will soon bring the Open Source community.

In short, the announcement of the release of Google Chrome OS stack arrives at the right time when Microsoft multiplies the effects of announcement about the release of Windows 7 … The Mountain View firm will engage in it thank you struggle with the Redmond giant?


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