PECompact 2.34

PECompact is an advanced Windows executable file compressor. It works by compressing the executable or module and then performing decompression in memory at runtime. Not only does this save space and bandwidth, PECompact also adds a level of obsufcation to your binaries.

PECompact works by compressing the code, data, import directory, selected resources, and other portions of Windows portable executables. At runtime, the executable is rebuilt in memory with no noticeable delay; the executable is at no time extracted to disk. In fact, compressed executables can actually load quicker in some cases because there is less data to be retrieved from the disk or network, which is usually the largest bottleneck.

File Details:

Author: Collake Software
Date: 2004-06-26
Size: 915 Kb
License: Shareware $19.00
Requires: Win All

News source: MajorGeeks


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