Spotify launches Apple iPhone Application

Spotify, the Swedish music streaming website, on Monday announced the
launch of its software on Apple’s iPhone, the best-selling handset that
features high speed internet access. The software application is available to download for free from the AppStore, Apple‘s online shop, for customers that subscribe to its premium service, the Swedish company said in the statement.

Music fans can sign up for the company’s ad-supported free service or a
premium service with no commercials that costs 9.99 euros a month.

Users can search for new tunes and then stream them directly on their
handsets. Playlists can even be saved for use when there is poor mobile
reception. The service, which first launched last year, is seen as a potential rival to iTunes because of its huge, free library of millions of songs.

The Swedish company first asked Apple in July if its software could be made available on the iPhone and both companies struck a deal at the end of August.

Spotify is currently only available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Britain, France and Spain.


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