Asus EeeReader Dual Screen

While at IFA we learned that Sony would launch its Reader Touch in France during the month of November, a new player could soon embark on the race. Indeed Taiwanese firm Asus has unveiled its EeeReader a reader ebooks filled not one but two screens.

Asus has confirmed desire "pushed" the current market by offering an alternative to electronic readers today. According to company president Jerry Shen, the new machine could emerge before the end of the year, and will be followed by a second model. The reader will have two screens to be taken into hands like a classic book. Little information appears to have been sent on this device but it could theoretically allow users to search the Internet while reading a page of a book. Note also that one of the screens could become virtual keyboard. In any case, the reader is strongly reminiscent of the concept developed by the Foundation for its DLCO XO-2.

While most readers are monochrome, Mr. Shen has confirmed that the slabs of these models will be in color. Besides the machine more akin to a netbook as it has "speakers, a webcam and a microphone for Skype. Jerry Shen says: "We have a spirit of innovation – because our brand is less known we must move quickly to stay ahead of the competition and develop new types of products. Each of them – including an ebook reader – should be the right combination, combining functionality and price. 


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